O Blessed Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception, PRAY FOR US


We married in my hometown of Sungai Petani in 2015 and settled down in my wife
’s birthplace in Nibong Tebal. When our dream of starting a family didn’t materialize, we consulted a doctor who ruled out any problems with both of us.

Then a series of curious events happened that led me to witness the miracle of God’s love for us.

In 2018, as I was listening attentively to the homily at my cousin’s wedding in St Anne’s Church, Bukit Mertajam, my eyes were drawn to the glass structure behind the altar. Through that glass, I saw a beautiful tall tree that grew more stunning as the rays of the morning sunlight caught its branches.

At that very moment an inner voice urged me to pray for a child! I was taken aback. Here I was at a wedding mass and I wasn’t even thinking of my yearning for a baby at that time.

Instinctively, I went over to the church gift shop and bought a figurine of the Infant Jesus and a rosary and handed it to my wife. All throughout the day, I felt what I can best describe as ‘holy vibes’ within me.  

A week later while at Sunday mass in St Anthony’s Church, Nibong Tebal, my wife Annette Anabel experienced a very strong urge to visit the Chapel of Immaculate Conception in Sungai Batu, a place that she had never been to before.

Our first pilgrimage to the chapel was on the 22nd of August 2018. No one was there except  an elderly couple. The lady came over and asked us if we were there to pray for a baby! We were both surprised and shocked that they knew the reason for our visit. They then proceeded to pray over us.

6 months later, on 5th February 2019, we made our second visit during the Chinese New Year holidays. Together with a large group of pilgrims from Malacca, we listened to the many testimonies shared by Francis, the caretaker. Suddenly, I felt an inner voice telling me that  there will be three of us on my next visit! I was filled with hope and a profound, deep appreciation of my faith. As we prayed together, my wife and I wept.

A month later, on the 3rd of March, a home-kit pregnancy test showed a positive reading! The next morning, my excited wife and her mother returned to the chapel together. On that same day, the doctor confirmed my wife’s pregnancy!

It is difficult to describe the incredible joy we felt when we heard the news. For the first few months of the pregnancy I had beautiful dreams and experienced a vision of a baby girl that was later confirmed by a scan!

When my wife was wheeled into the Operating Room for a Caesarean Section after a failed induction, I started to pray the Hail Mary fervently. At 10.15am despite the noise in the hospital, I heard a beautiful chorus of angelic voices singing in my ears. It was so pure and soothing that I overcame my nervousness!  

Our precious angel, Joanne Ezra Virginia came into the world on October 29th 2019 at 10.29 am.

On 14th March 2020, (just 4 days before the Covid-19 Movement Control Order), we came as a family of three, as I was foretold earlier, to offer thanksgiving to Jesus and His Blessed Mother for our precious gift.

Towards the end of our visit, we were overcome by a very sweet fragrance that filled the entire chapel!  

Thank you Jesus and Thank you Mother Mary!

First hand testimony by Joseph Shanger and Annette Anabel

St Anthony’s Church

Nibong Tebal

11th May 2020

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Hope does not disappoint – Joseph Shanger – TAMIL version 11 MAY 2020


My Refuge & Fortress

I could hear the loud thumping of my heart when my 19 year old daughter, Tharani, informed me that she had felt a lump in her breast. She said that she had known about it for a week although I suspected that it must have been much longer.

It was 8.30pm on Saturday, 14th March 2020. With minutes to spare, I whisked her to a nearby clinic before they closed for the weekend. The lady doctor concurred that it was indeed a large lump and gave us a referral letter to the Penang General Hospital.

With fear in my heart, I decided to take Tharani to a private hospital first thing on Monday morning. The lump was removed the very next day and a tissue sample was sent to the laboratory for testing to rule out cancer.

Worried and tensed, I stayed with her in the ward. I am a Hindu, but when a couple of Catholic Christians came to visit their relative, I requested prayers for my daughter. I was in tears when they prayed over both of us and signed the cross on our foreheads, assuring us that Jesus will hear and answer our prayers.

One of them gave me a card with the address of the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception in Sungai Batu and told me to pray and offer thanksgiving for Tharani’s healing. I was encouraged when they related the many wonders and answered prayers by people who prayed there.

I would have gone at once if it wasn’t for the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) by the government to contain the corona virus, Covid19.

As they left, the ladies promised to continue praying and I promised to let them know my daughter’s biopsy report due in a week.

That wait was a long and an extremely difficult week for me. I cried for my daughter, worried as I feared the worst. My only hope was the card I was given with the image of Mother Mary that I clutched and prayed with.

Then on Tuesday 24th March, exactly one week after the operation, I went with my daughter to receive her medical report. I cried again, but this time it was tears of joy. The test results showed that the lump was nothing more than a cyst and not cancer!

I cannot wait to go the chapel in Sungai Batu in thanksgiving for my answered prayers.

Thank you Jesus! Thank you Mother Mary!

First-hand testimony by Kasthury Veeran

Simpang Empat


28th March 2020


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My refuge and fortress – 28 MARCH 2020 – TAMIL










Eric Rhazario 2017

It was 2015, the year that I developed a sudden weakness of the right side of my body. My eyes and mouth drooped and I was unable to use my arms and legs like before. My family rushed me to a government hospital in my hometown, Kuantan, where a CT scan was done and the doctor informed me that I had suffered a stroke.

I was only 55 years old then and except for my wife, I couldn’t recognize my three children, relatives and friends. It was a very difficult shock for me both physically, mentally and emotionally. During this trying period, my weight dropped from 80kg to a skinny 50kg!

My mother, Jane Mary persuaded me to pray at the Chapel of Immaculate Conception in Sungai Petani for my needs and current situation.

It was only two years later in 2017, that I could heed her words. I was taken to the ‘miracle’ chapel in a wheelchair where I prayed with fervour to Our Blessed Mother to intercede to Jesus for my healing.

After my return to Kuantan, I started going to a private physiotherapy center instead of the government hospital that I had been consulting. When after 6 months, there was no progress in my mobility and ability to walk normally, the therapist suggested that I get my brain scan repeated.

This time I went to a private hospital where an MRI showed a 4cm tumor at the area of the brain which controls balance. I agreed for to an operation to remove the tumor. After a successful surgery, I continued intensive rehabilitation to get me mobilized.

Last month, February 2020, I returned to the chapel in Thanksgiving to Mother Mary for her intercession in answering my prayers. The cause of my weakness was diagnosed correctly and treated after praying at the chapel. Only this time I needed just a walking stick, not a wheelchair!

Thank you Jesus! Thank you Mother Mary!

First-hand testimony by Rhazhario Muthukrishnan @ Eric

St Thomas Church


23rd March 2020


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Arise and Walk – Eric – 23RD MARCH 2020 – TAMIL



I was just 49 years old in 2016, when I first experienced chest pains. I consulted the doctor at the government clinic who assured me that it was nothing to be concerned about.

I was worried enough to confide to my friend, Anne Selvarani (Your Father Knows) who urged me to take my problems in prayer to Mother Mary at the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception in Sungai Batu. Encouraged by testimonies of people whose prayers were answered, I made the trip to the chapel and prayed fervently for Mother Mary’s intercession for my health problem.

Following my pilgrimage, a stress test in a private hospital showed that I required an angiogram costing RM16,000 which I couldn’t afford. In November 2016, an angiogram done at at the Penang General Hospital revealed three blocks!

I experienced another financial roadblock as only one stent out of the required three was free. The other two cost RM10,00! To overcome this predicament, the specialist suggested a heart bypass but I had to remain in hospital for two weeks as I was considered to be at a very high risk.

In February 2017, I had my bypass operation. At 3pm, just before my anesthesia was administered, I prayed the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy and invoked the intercession of Mother Mary. I felt no fear as I faced this frightening phase of my life.

Soon after my operation, I developed an infection at the surgical site which required five trips to the Operating Theatre to have my wound cleaned and treated. After a month in hospital, I continued doing the dressing at home until the wounds healed completely.

It was a very difficult period for me and my family as I also had a teenaged autistic son to care for. Although I experienced struggles, hardships and disappointments before and after my operation, I know God’s hand was always there and Mother Mary was interceding powerfully for me.

In April 2017, I went with my family to the chapel in Sungai Batu to offer thanksgiving for my healing. Thank you Jesus! Thank you Mother Mary!  

A first-hand testimony by Catherine Faustina Dass

Church of Nativity of the BVM


13th March 2020

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WHEN TRIALS COME – Catherine 2016 – TAMIL

It was in November 2018 that rashes first appeared on my neck, hands and back. It came on and off a few times a week, sometimes in patches and at other times they were raised, reddish welts.

They were also very itchy. When it became unbearable, I was forced to scratch.  The more I scratched, the more the itch intensified, becoming red and swollen.

The discomfort was so severe especially when I was driving, at work or with friends.

As much as I tried to find the root cause, I was at a loss as the rashes appeared without warning. I was careful with my food, especially crabs and prawns.  I also suspected cleaning chemicals at home and at work.

Then from May 2019, the rashes appeared almost everyday from morning until I went to sleep.  I self medicated with antihistamines as I kept putting off going to the doctor.

It was only after Christmas 2019 that I consulted two different doctors who both advised a very expensive blood test which may or may not pinpoint the allergy.  The test had to be done when the rashes appeared but what if it disappeared by the time I consulted the doctor?

Although I consumed the doctor’s prescribed medicine, the rashes spread to my face.  I could not go out in the sunshine or exercise as sweat worsened my condition.

On 2nd January 2020, my mother arranged for our family to go to the Chapel of Immaculate Conception in Sungai Batu, which we have been visiting for the past seven years.

After our prayers, my mother handed me one of two roses she brought back from the Chapel and asked me to place a single petal in water to drink while praying for healing.

I did this for three days. On the fourth day, I found that I no longer had any rashes – the first time in over 13 months!

It is almost two months now and I continue to be free of my mysterious skin condition. I believe that I am healed by Jesus, through the powerful intercession of Mother Mary.

Thank you Jesus! Thank you Mother Mary!


First hand testimony by V Elaine


23rd February 2020

To read the Tamil version of this testimony, please click on the link below:
I Will Restore You To Health – V Elaine – 23 february 2020 – TAMIL. Thank you.


Hope In The Lord…

They that hope - Donna Rita 2018

My late uncle from Sungai Petani had always urged me to attend the annual Feast of the Immaculate Conception at the Chapel in Sungai Batu.  For some reason, that did not happen when he was alive.  (He passed away 4-5 years ago.)

It was my friend, Ann Selvarani (Your Father Knows What You Need…) who had always encouraged me to pray to Mother Mary for my intentions and it seemed fitting that I started to visit the Chapel with her in 2012.

The attraction and vibes were so powerful that I found myself attending mass there on the first Saturday of every month. The pull of that Chapel was so strong that whenever I was free, be it weekdays or weekends, I would pray there with my friends and acquaintances.  We even arranged picnics in the Chapel grounds!

In February 2018, Mother Mary interceded for me and a very special prayer petition was answered by her Son, Jesus!

I was honoured to introduce my husband to the Chapel during the Immaculate Conception Feast Day celebrations in December 2018 and again in 2019.

I shall continue to pray in this special place where Mother Mary hears and intercedes for us in a special way.

First hand testimony by Donna Rita

St. Anthony’s Church

Nibong Tebal, Penang 

11th February 2020

NOTE: For the Tamil version of this testimony, please click on the following link…Hope in the Lord – TAMIL – Donna Rita. Thank you.

Five years ago a teacher friend of mine, Donna Rita, introduced me to the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception in Sungai Batu.  Three years later I was blessed to witness the power of prayers through the Blessed Mother Mary.

In 2018, a very close friend of mine confided in me that her sister was worrying over her daughter who was 29 and still single.  I told her not to worry but to pray for Mother Mary’s intercession for a suitable spouse.  The family had already given up hope as their prayers were not answered fast enough.

Then on All Souls Day, 2nd November 2018, I was at the cemetery when a church friend revealed that he was feeling downcast as his son was still unmarried and nothing was working out as planned.  I told him about my other friend going through a similar problem and I repeated the same advice to him – offer it all up to Mother Mary and pray for her intercession.

One week later, he messaged to indicate an interest in my friend’s niece for a possible match for his son.

As the Feast of the Immaculate Conception was around the corner on 8th December, my friend and I went to Sungai Batu where we prayed for all our needs.

Meanwhile, arrangements were made for the two families to have an informal meeting at the grotto of our church in Butterworth.  Once Gomes Simon and Anne Cynthia indicated an interest in each other, things started to move towards their betrothal.

The family of the bride-to-be are former Catholics and the young lady, Anne Cynthia had previously been baptized and had received Holy Communion.  She agreed to attend RCIA for her confirmation and returned to the Catholic Church. I was truly honored when the family chose me to be her godmother!

In January 2020, I accompanied the couple and their families to the Chapel of Immaculate Conception in Sungai Batu to offer our heartfelt thanks for the answering of our prayers and bringing the young couple together.

On 2nd February 2020, the happy couple, Gomes Simon and Anne Cynthia received the sacrament of matrimony in the Church of Nativity in Butterworth!

I thank Mother Mary who heard our prayers and interceded to Jesus for her children.

First hand testimony by Ann Selvarani

Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Butterworth, Penang.


9th February 2020

For the Tamil version of this testimony, please click on the following link: YOUR FATHER KNOWS WHAT YOU NEED – TAMIL – Ann Selvarani. Thank you.

Whatever You Ask:Velangkani

Madam Velangkani was one of a group of parishioners from Malacca who had made a pilgrimage to the Chapel of Immaculate Conception in Sungai Batu three years ago.  The plucky lady had now returned with a group who had chartered a bus for the Feast Day celebrations on the 6th December 2019.

Despite losing the way, their Malay driver managed to drive the pilgrims to the chapel safely.

Madam Velangkani or Velangkani Patti as she is known, prayed to Mother Mary for her son-in-law Sowraj Ramiah, to be healed of a blood disorder.  The 55 year old had already spent one month in hospital, with varying levels of red and white blood cells.  Sowraj also needed a special injection which was only available in India and the family was desperately trying all means to get it for him.

As she had pain in her legs, Velangkani Patti stood praying at the foot of the altar instead of climbing the single step towards the base of the grotto. As she closed her eyes to pray, she can’t really explain what happened to her next…..She suddenly felt both of her hands outstretched sideways, palms up, holding the edges of her saree in both hands, as if she was begging! 

At that moment she felt that she was offering all her problems and pleading with Mother Mary to intercede in the healing of her son-in-law!

She returned to Malacca with rose petals, holy water and anointed oil for Sowraj. Within a month of her pilgrimage, her son-in-law received the injection from India and his condition has improved!

Velangkani Patti is grateful for Mother Mary’s intercession and to Jesus for His healing touch.

First hand testimony by Velangkani Patti


15th January 2020

NOTE: For the Tamil version of this testimony, please click here Whatever You Ask For – Velangkani – Tamil

Thy Will Be Done

My world came crushing down on the day, two  years ago, when the older of my two daughters was diagnosed with  cancerous tumor in her abdomen.  She was only 7 years old at that time.

I was plunged into a darkness that consumed me totally.  I became so stressed that I could not sleep at night and to the point of rejecting those closest to me.

For our daughter’s sake, our family pulled ourselves together, turning to Jesus as we prayed incessantly for strength and healing.  I surrendered my daughter and all our problems to Jesus.  “Lord, you gave me the gift of my daughter, she is yours.  Take her Lord and do with her according to your will.”

I remember the day I walked with my little girl to the doctor’s room – in one hand I held hers and with the other I clutched a rosary.  Suddenly I heard a sweet voice say, “Why are you so worried? I am with you!”  I felt suddenly energized and fully charged when previously I had been listless and weak.

Half way through her chemotherapy, the doctor informed us that all her cancer cells were gone! I was so grateful and amazed that I gave a testimony in the Church of Visitation in Seremban when I visited my brother in Seremban.

A friend I met there told me to pray at the miracle chapel in Sungai Batu, Kedah.

A week after the chapel feast day celebrations in December 2019, I drove to Sungai Batu with my family where we prayed the Divine Mercy chaplet and the rosary.

After our prayers, we stood in the front of the grotto to take photos.  Looking at the photo afterwards, we noticed a light emitting from the top of Mother Mary’s statue – and it was in the shape of a cross!

On Sunday, 19th January 2020, I was worried again about my daughter’s cancer marker blood test results due the next day.

Suddenly a strong scent of incense (sambrani) wafted in although no one in the house was using it. Immediately I said, “Mother Mary I know you are here” and closed my eyes.

I ‘saw’ Mother Mary behind me wearing a crown and smiling as she gazed at me. “I am with you. Why are you worried?”

Then, on the date I gave this testimony, 20th January 2020, I was filled with pure joy when my daughter’s cancer marker result came back negative!

Thank you Jesus! Thank you Mother Mary!

First hand testimony by Santhana Suresh


20th January 2020

NOTE: Please click on this link to view the Tamil version of this testimony. Thank you. Thy Will Be Done – Santhana Suresh 2019 – Tamil

1st October 2019 – the day that my son, Francis*  on a motorbike, was involved in a head-on collision with a car in Tangkak, Johor. He was badly injured with fractures to his face, both legs and arms.

Francis was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of a government hospital with tubes all over his body.  The staff was not communicating with us on his condition except to ask for RM 5,000 for surgery to his face and RM 2,000 for each limb. The amount was way beyond our means as my 31-year old son is jobless and married with three children.

Although we appealed for and received some financial aid, it was not enough. Francis was in ICU with traction to his legs for one week before his face was operated on and metal plates inserted.  We were told to prepare for a further five days in ICU after the operation.

I turned to Mother Mary with prayers and tears for my son.  As I was deep in prayer, Mother Mary suddenly appeared in front of me! She looked just like the statue I had seen at the grotto in Sungai Batu during the three years that I had been attending the feast day celebrations there! I literally froze in shock.

Before I could fully recover, my daughter called from the hospital. She was sobbing uncontrollably. Anticipating the worst, I calmly told her I was ready to take on any bad news.

She recovered adequately to tell me that she was crying, not in sorrow but in joy!

Francis was out of the operating room, every tube had been removed and he was sent to the normal ward instead of ICU!   Moreover he had asked for rice porridge and had eaten it all.

No operation was required for his arms, only his legs! I know that it was Mother Mary’s intercession for my son, that my prayers were answered by God, and it was her appearance which gave me strength.

* Francis is a pseudonym

A first hand testimony from Sesamary


9th January 2020

NOTE: Please click on this link I will strengthen you – Sesamary – Tamil for the Tamil version of this testimony. Thank you.

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