O Blessed Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception, PRAY FOR US

Chapel Donation Appeal

Dear readers,

In view of the growing number of pilgrims visiting the Chapel of Immaculate Conception, Sungai Batu, the Chapel Committee is appealing for donations that will go toward the upkeep and running of the Chapel.

We are pleased to share with you, the appeal letter from the Church of Christ The King, Sungai Petani on behalf of the Chapel, which falls under the Church’s jurisdiction.

Thanking everyone for your kind attention.

God bless.


The monthly first Saturday mass was celebrated at the chapel on 1st June 2019 by Rev. Fr. Ryan Innas Muthu from College General, Penang. About 200 people from Penang, Ipoh and local parishioners were in attendance.

Fr. gave an intense, thought provoking homily in which he urged those present to reflect on two main issues related to the gospel of the day:

  1. Cease nagging and focusing on the faults of family members. In the long term, this behaviour not only destroys us but it also destroys our families. Instead, continuously reaffirm family member’s positive attributes and help them grow in love.
  2. When we pray to God for our needs, ask if our prayer is part of God’s plan. If it is, then we can be assured that “if you ask the Father anything in my name, He will give it to you” John 16:23

After mass, with the permission of Rev. Fr. Ryan, Vernon Surin I Shall Give You A New Heart and his wife, Cindy Cindy’s Story placed printed copies of their testimonies at the chapel entrance for visitors to take home. This was in thanksgiving for answered prayers and to give Glory to God.

Visitors were treated to a delectable lunch by the local parishioners who have always been generous in their hospitality.

Elizabeth Simon

CDM, Penang.

4th June 2019

Cindy’s Story

With reference to Vernon Surin’s testimony I Shall Give You A New Heart, his wife Cindy shares with us her testimony….

Cindy Surin - April 2019

Ash Wednesday, 6th March 2019. Vernon, my husband was in critical condition following an angioplasty for a heart block.

I had signed consent for an open-heart surgery to search and seal the source of the blood oozing into his heart cavity.  As I prayed, I watched 8 doctors move him to the Operating Theatre, each one handling him with so much caution and care. From where I stood, I felt a surreal experience of watching angels and saints looking after my husband.

Fast forward to Good Friday.  Just before the Veneration of the Cross, I had occasion to reflect on that particular scene of the doctors moving Vernon to the OT. Then in my heart, Mother Mary spoke. “I was there that day with the angels and the saints!”

A second incident happened while I was with Vernon in the Coronary Care Unit (CCU). It was late at night and while I was praying over my husband, I felt a sudden blast of cold air. I covered my face with my  hands for a few seconds. When I opened my eyes, I found that all the drainage and oxygen tubes were flung out from Vernon. Frightened, I called out to the nurses who eventually fixed them all back.

My husband at that time was so weak that he could hardly lift his arms or his legs; there was absolutely no way that he could have pulled out those tubes right under my watch!

I have always turned to Our Blessed Mother in everything I do and this time it was no exception as I felt the hand of God in every situation.

Vernon and I are regular visitors to the Chapel of Immaculate Conception, Sungai Batu and we made a trip there in January 2019, to pray for Our Blessed Mother’s powerful intercession.

With grateful thanks to Jesus and His Mother, Vernon did recover.

First-hand testimony by Cindy Surin

Cathedral of the Holy Spirit


24th April 2019

NOTE: Cindy’s other testimonies:

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I felt the first twinge of pain across my chest in December 2018 and again on the following day. It returned with a vengeance for the 3rd time while I was attending Sunday mass in my parish, the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, Penang. This time, I was rushed to the Penang General Hospital and admitted.

An angiogram revealed 6 blockages of which 3 were major ones requiring 6 stents.

I was frightened and anxious, and as always, my wife Cindy and I turned to Our Blessed Mother for her powerful intercession.  We are regular visitors to the Chapel of Immaculate Conception in Sungai Batu and my wife has previously submitted several testimonies.

Answered Prayers for Cindy’s Grand Daughter

I Saw Our Lady Walk in the Chapel

The Healing of Little Isabel

The Dance of the Flame

As a retired teacher from the government sector, I was given 2 options:

Option 1 – Be on the bottom of the list of 2,500 others waiting for free treatment OR
Option 2 – Be treated as a full paying patient without knowing the cost upfront.

A second opinion in a private hospital didn’t yield a positive outcome, so I had to choose Option 2.

On 5th January 2019, my wife and I went to Sungai Batu to ask Mother Mary’s intercession for my treatment.  As it was the first Saturday of the month, we were privileged to attend mass at the chapel.

In answer to our prayers, the angioplasty on the 13th February was successful but the treatment on one of my blood vessels which had 100% blockage could not be done as my condition became unstable.

On 6th March 2019, Ash Wednesday, I had another angioplasty, but during the procedure, blood started to ooze into the heart cavity. The doctors could not arrest the bleeding and I was transfused with multiple units of blood. The doctor explained to my wife the gravity of my condition and she consented to an emergency open heart surgery to source the leaking vessel and to seal it.

My wife Cindy described the moment when 8 doctors acted in tandem to get me transferred to the OT at top speed. Through her fears and prayers, she felt as if they represented angels and saints to attend to me.

In the Operating Theatre, the doctors still could not locate the source of the bleeding.  I was literally bleeding to death! Cindy was called in and given the news that the doctors had done all that they could.  I was later informed that the Muslim doctor and the others in the room had prayed over my heart while Cindy was praying outside.

Then, in what I can best describe as the hand of God, the surgeon turned my heart slightly and there at an awkward angle was the rogue vessel which was the cause of my blood loss!

After sealing the leak, the surgeon left my chest cavity open for another 2 days in anticipation of any complications. The doctors also warned that my condition could cause multiple organ failure.  As I was heavily sedated, I felt nothing but darkness.

By the grace of God, all my organs remained normal and functioning. There were no complications and my chest cavity was closed two days later. I was snatched from the jaws of death and it was the power of prayers that guided the hands of the doctors that day and the intercession of Mother Mary which saved me.


A first-hand testimony from;

Vernon Adrian Surin

Cathedral of the Holy Spirit


23rd April 2019



The chapel of Immaculate Conception takes great pleasure in presenting the newly-repainted statue of Our Lady, that stands in the grotto within the chapel.


Our Lady in the Grotto - 6 APR 2019

The skilfully repainted statue of Our Lady, complete with her new crown, was unveiled at the chapel mass celebrated on Saturday, 6 April 2019.

Years of placing garlands around the statue of Our Lady, left  stubborn stains on her robes, hands and face, which proved difficult to clean and remove. Thankfully, a skilful artisan was finally found who expertly worked to give Our Lady a fresh look.

New Stand for Garlands: To ensure that Our Lady’s statue will not be subject to floral stains from now on, there is an allocated metal stand beside the grotto, on which all garlands should be placed.

Close up of garland stand

Garlands for Our Lady should now be hung on the metal stand at the side of the grotto. Thank you for everyone’s cooperation.

Stand for Burning of Candles: In addition, candles can only be lit on the candle stand which is located outside the chapel.


The chapel committee thanks all the faithful visitors for their cooperation and understanding – all in the interest of the chapel’s safety, as noted above.

We thank Our Blessed Mother for her powerful intercessions on our behalf.

Thank you Jesus.

God bless everyone.


Mother Mary's New Crown - FEB 2019My friend, Leela Balan’s brother-in-law had a terminal illness. On 16th January 2019, I offered to drive her to the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception in Sungai Batu from our home in Penang to seek Our Mother’s intercession.

After finishing our prayers, I told Leela, “Ask Mother Mary what she wants you to do for Her?”  Even as I said it, I thought it was a strange question which I had never asked of anyone before. To our surprise, two things happened within seconds after I said it.

  1. Leela asked me why there was no crown on Our Lady’s head. Taking into consideration that she is a Hindu and that it was her first visit to the chapel, I was taken aback while wondering why I didn’t notice the missing crown.
  2. Then, my phone rang. The call was from Francis the chapel caretaker asking me to wait for him. (I had informed him earlier of my visit). He requested my help to fix Our Mother’s crown which was broken!

It was Leela who offered to replace the broken crown as she knew her way around Georgetown in Penang. A couple of days later, she sent me a photo of a silver crown, but unfortunately, there was no clasp at the back to hold the crown in place. As Thaipusam was just 3 days away, Leela had to place her search on hold.

Leela Balan at grotto

I had also informed a Catholic friend, Rita Alphonsa of the saga of Our Lady’s crown and she too responded enthusiastically.  As an added bonus, Leela passed the broken crown to Rita immediately as they both lived just a walking distance from each other!

Rita Alphonsa

On 10th February, Rita informed me that she had purchased a crown and that her brother Douglas had a clasp fixed in place.

On 19th February 2019, just one month after Francis’s request for a new crown, I drove Rita and her sister, Ann to deliver our precious ‘cargo’ to Sungai Batu. And of course Rita was given the honor and privilege of placing the crown where it belonged.

Close up

The new crown for Mother Mary.

We thank Rita Alphonsa, her family and Leela Balan for their efforts in securing a beautiful crown for Mother Mary.  May they all be blessed in abundance!

Work is complete

First hand testimony by Elizabeth Simon


24th February 2019







Heal Me, Lord…


heal me lordSoon after I delivered my daughter in 2014, I started to experience intermittent pain in my right knee.  Over time, I had difficulty walking or sitting.  The pain became so bad that I had to seek medical attention from a specialist. An MRI revealed three bulges in my lumbar spine, which was causing pressure on the nerve leading to my right knee.

I was prescribed medication and underwent physiotherapy, but it did little to alleviate the pain.  I could not even kneel in church and I was forced to sit awkwardly on the bench.

I was encouraged by the experiences and testimonies of both my parents, Major Vincent Ambrose (Healed of Numbness and Pain) and Mary Annie Stephen (healing testimony) when they prayed for Mother Mary’s intercession at the chapel of Immaculate Conception in Sungai Batu.

On 16th September 2018,  I agreed to go with them for their thanksgiving pilgrimage to the chapel. I was reassured by the words of Mr Francis the caretaker, who, upon seeing me said, “Don’t worry, everything will be fine!” I was surprised as I didn’t tell him anything about my problem and I wondered why he said that!

When I woke up the next morning in my parents’ house in Ipoh, I no longer felt the excruciating pain in my knee. I wasn’t really sure if this was real or if I was imagining it but I did not share this with anyone.

After I returned to Shah Alam, I found that I could kneel and walk with my back straight.  I was healed and there was no doubt about it! I did not feel the need to check this with my doctor as I knew that my previous condition no longer existed.

I returned to the chapel with a grateful heart to celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception in early December and I went again on 31st December 2018.

Thank you Jesus for healing me. Thank you Mother Mary for your powerful intercession.

Mary Patricia Vincent

First hand testimony by Mary Patricia Vincent

Shah Alam, Selangor

9th January 2019

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