O Blessed Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception, PRAY FOR US

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception takes place on 8th December, which celebrates the solemn belief in the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. (To read more about this feast day, please click here and here).

It is one of the most important Marian feasts in the liturgical calendar of the Roman Catholic Church, celebrated worldwide.

First solemnized as a Holy Day of Obligation in 1708, it is celebrated with Holy Mass, processions and community gatherings in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Here at the Chapel of Immaculate Conception, Sg. Batu, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary will be celebrated with novenas and masses from 30th November till 9th December 2018.

Kindly refer to the schedules as shown below:

Solemnity of The Imm Conception 2018-cover copy

Solemnity of The Imm Conception 2018-inside copy

On this special day, and everyday, let us all turn to Our Lady, Mother of God, to pray for her intercession and protection and invoking the gift of peace in every aspect of the world as it is today.

Also, to thank her for her motherly love and for helping to intercede for us in our many prayer intentions.

Our Lady Pray For Us.





Anama and her family have been blessed in the past with some remarkable graces from Our Blessed Mother in the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception in Sungai Batu. It is impossible to miss her passion, enthusiasm and gratitude.

Not surprisingly, she choses to share her blessings with her friends and family whenever she can.  Her previous testimonies can be read here (just click on the separate titles to read more): 1) She Makes Roses Bloom 2) An Invitation From Our Lady 3) Our Lady Surprises A Family

Our Blessed Mother Intercedes Yet Again - July 2018 copy

Since July 2018, Anama has been making it a point to pay a monthly visit to the chapel with members of her BEC numbering about 10 people. Their day trip involves not only praying at  the chapel, they also bring packed meals to have a picnic by the adjacent river!

True to her faith in Our Mother’s powerful intercession, Anama has witnessed remarkable answers to prayers that she is now sharing. The names of the persons involved have been withheld at her request, some for obvious reasons.


A lady was distressed because her husband had a disturbing health problem which caused unrest in the family. Although he was on medication, he had difficulty integrating as well as attending masses in church.

Just to be in the chapel caused this lady to be so emotional, that she started to cry as she prayed to Our Lady. When she returned home, she related to her family about the wonderful testimonies she had been told about the chapel. To her surprise, not only did her husband decide to go, he even volunteered to drive other friends to Sungai Batu! Within a short period of time, the family noticed an 80% improvement in his condition and they firmly believe that his healing had begun!


(This is the same family mentioned in Testimony 1) On the eve of the graduation ceremony of their daughter, the college called to say that the girl could not go through with the ceremony as there were some issues with her personal data. Obviously the family was devastated.

That night the whole family knelt down and fervently prayed the rosary to be delivered from this disappointing news.

The next morning they went to the college where she was informed that there was nothing whatsoever wrong with her particulars! Not only did she graduate without any issues, she was also selected the best overall student in her college!

The grateful family had witnessed the generosity of Our Lord through the powerful intercession of His Blessed Mother!


Another family shared the grief of losing one of their family members who was detained without trial and had been in jail for the past two years. No family members were allowed to visit him during all this time. They planned unsuccessfully for a lawyer to take up their case.

Three days after praying at the chapel, the man was unexpectedly freed! No lawyer had been involved and no explanation was given for his detention, incarceration and subsequent release!

Thank you Jesus! Thank you Blessed Mother!

Testimonies of others, related by Anama.



3 October 2018


Group Visits For Mass

Every first  Saturday of the month, a mass is celebrated at the Chapel, at 11am.

On 6 October 2018, a few busloads of faithful arrived from Penang, Bukit Mertajam, Parit Buntar and Sungai Petani to participate in the mass, which was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Victor Louis.

Parit Buntar group

Visitors from Parit Buntar.

BM group

Visitors from Bukit Mertajam

Pg group

Group from Georgetown, Penang

SP & Sg Batu team

Team from Sungai Petani and Sungai Batu

God bless.





Mary Annie Stephen

Mary Annie Stephen - FEB 2018

Thank you Jesus and Our Lady.



OCTOBER Daily Rosary: 8pm

OCT - Holy Rosary time 2018

In October, the month of the Most Holy Rosary, pray the Rosary at the chapel on a daily basis at 8pm.

God bless.



Peace and Tranquility - SEP 2018

Oct: The Most Holy Rosary

OCT - Month of the Holy Rosary 2018

October, which is around the corner, is the month which the Catholic Church dedicates to the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a devotion which Our Lady loves most and has asked us to pray frequently, and if possible, daily, for the:

– conversion of sinners

– reparation for the sins of the world

– PEACE in the world

– holy souls in purgatory

– personal intentions

On October 7, the Catholic Church celebrates the annual feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.

For the readers of this post who are not familiar with the Rosary, it is a Catholic prayer based upon the Bible that focuses on the events in the life of Jesus and Mary the Mother of Jesus. 

Please feel free to click on the links below for more information, if so desired:

How to pray the Rosary: http://www.theholyrosary.org 

Rosary prayers: http://www.theholyrosary.org/rosaryprayers

Wishing one and all a blessed month of October.



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